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Activities such as new service roll-outs, corporate mergers, and acquisitions can translate into expanded product offerings, operational efficiencies and larger market share for banks and payment processors. If not carefully planned and implemented, these activities can also lead to service disruption and chaos, increased support and operational costs, and a negative customer experience.

At a business executive level, these changes can be risk laden and stressful when considering due diligence, meeting customer service expectations, managing corporate culture, and defining the future direction the new company is to move in. At the IT operations level, these activities typically mean big infrastructure, service support and process changes, as well.

Within a payment processing environment, IT operations play a pivotal role in making sure new service roll-outs, migrations and payment system consolidation

efforts are successful. It is the IT team’s responsibility to maintain “business as usual” throughout this chaotic period of growth and change. They must be prepared to manage the increasing responsibility for new customers, products and payment system environments. To be successful, the IT team must have a proper planning and evaluation process, access to both historical and real-time performance analytics, and a solid proactive monitoring strategy in place.

The focus of this whitepaper is to outline an IT planning and implementation checklist around new service roll-out and M&A activities that will help IT operations successfully manage ongoing change and oversee the day-to-day performance of their payment transaction environments. The IT checklist will help your team decide how best to mitigate the service risk associated with payment systems and customer service before, during and after new service roll-outs, migrations or consolidation projects take place.
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