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Research In Motion  Research In Motion (RIM) is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative wireless solutions for the worldwide mobile communications market. Through the development of integrated hardware, software and...
Rocstor  Rocstor offers the most extensive range of desktop and rack mounted RAID storage hardware, at the most competitive prices.
Roving Planet  Roving Planet is a provider of wireless LAN management and security software systems.
Sanctum  Sanctum, a leader in Web application security and finding solutions that help organizations create reliable “hacker resistant” applications in the development environment, is now a part of Watchfire Corporation.
Sealed Media  SealedMedia is a provider of cross-platform enterprise digital rights management (E-DRM) solutions.
Secure Hive  Security software manufacturers.
Secured eMail  Secured eMail is an e-mail security company that develops and markets secure messaging solutions for personal and corporate users, enabling electronic messaging to be a secured means of communication
Secuware Inc  Secuware is a leading provider of secure IT infrastructure solutions for the enterprise. Founded in 1998 to develop proactive security controls for the Ministry of Defense in Spain, the company’s operations and...
Secuware C2K Network endpoints – whether desktops, laptops, or PDAs – are loaded with critical data that can – as we read in the news almost every day – be lost, stolen,...
Secuware Security Framework Building on the solid foundation of Crypt2000, SSF extends the security of Windows networks.
SoftFolder Inc  Security & Internet Software Folder
Softland  Softland is a privately held software development company that provides a complete range of custom software development and consulting services. We offer cost effective, innovative and practical solutions in client/server...
Software Appliance Company  Software Appliance Company provides security software products.
SpectorSoft  SpectorSoft develops and supports Internet monitoring software for home users, business, education, and government.
Spector 360 Record and Report on Employee activity.
Spector CNE Investigate employee activity.
SpectorSoft ® Corporation  SpectorSoft develops, markets and supports PC/Internet monitoring and surveillance products for business, education, government and general home users. Recognizing that corporations, schools and families need to know how...
eBlaster 2010 The ONLY software that captures their incoming and outgoing emails, chat and instant messages - then IMMEDIATELY forwards them any email address you choose....
eBlaster - mac 2010 The ONLY remote monitoring software available for Mac OS! eBlaster will keep watch when you can’t be around to supervise by providing you with detailed...
118 - 130 of 159
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Transaction Monitoring Software Research Library

Paving the Way to Risk-Free Change with Business Transaction Management
INETCO Systems Ltd.
Activities such as new service roll-outs, corporate mergers, and acquisitions can translate into expanded product offerings, operational efficiencies and larger market share for banks and payment processors. If not carefully planned and implemented, these activities can also lead to service disruption and chaos, increased support and operational costs, and a negative customer experience. At a ...
Monitoring Real-time Payments Environments
INETCO Systems Ltd.
As payments architectures grow more complex, classic device and network monitoring systems are unable to spot the intermittent slowdowns and failures that occur in these high-volume, real-time environments. A new view – at the transaction level – is required to regain visibility into these issues and enable rapid isolation and problem-solving. The challenge is how to achieve this visibility into ...
The Missing Link - What Your Existing Monitoring Solutions Don't Show
INETCO Systems Ltd.
Is it time to evaluate the “next wave” of monitoring technologies? The payment processing system is the backbone of your business, and there is a good chance your IT team already deploys infrastructure management tools and application performance monitoring tools to help manage this environment. In other words, you monitor everything...except perhaps the most important thing – the performance of ...
Thinking Beyond the ATM - An NCR and INETCO Whitepaper
INETCO Systems Ltd.
You could have the best ATM fleet in the business, equipped with a robust set of service offerings and multi-channel options. But without the ability to manage the performance of your end-to-end ATM network in a timely, cost effective manner, your consumer’s banking experience is still at risk of being tainted by transaction performance issues. We’ve all heard this story before. Something, ...
Transforming Raw Data into Complete Business Transactions
INETCO Systems Ltd.
The focus of IT operations teams is shifting from resource consumption to service quality and the end user experience. But identifying which application or infrastructure components are responsible for poor service quality or failed business process delivery is a tough thing to do in today’s complex, diverse and fast-changing enterprise environments. As applications become more distributed, IT ...
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