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Building Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) Strategies Part 1
Building “Bring-Your-Own-Device” (BYOD) Strategies This is the first part in a series designed to help organizations develop their “BYOD” (bring-your-own-device) strategies for personally-owned smartphones and tablets. This chapter provides an overview of eight components that our customers have found to be the foundation of a secure and scalable BYOD program. Many organizations are considering ...
What’s Next for Financial Planning Technology?
Fiserv Inc
Over the last several years, virtually every financial services firm has been affected by advancements in technology. As the industry demands greater efficiency and smarter ways to compete, advisors are turning to tablets, mobile devices and integrated technologies.
A Business Case for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
iCore Networks, Inc.
A BUSINESS CASE FOR VIRTUAL DESKTOP INFRASTRUCTURE (VDI) DEPLOYMENTS A BUSINESS CASE FOR VIRTUAL DESKTOP INFRASTRUCTURE DEPLOYMENTS Introduction Now more than ever, the typical employee is no longer tied to their desk and are constantly moving between their home office, client sites and satellite offices. This mobile trend is requiring employees access to their applications and data from any ...
Improving the Health of Hispanics Using Mobile Technology
3Cinteractive®, LLC.
This white paper is presented by HolaDoctor and 3Cinteractive. In this paper, we review the promise and potential of mobile-based technologies for overcoming barriers to accessing healthcare and improving the health of U.S. Hispanics. We start by providing a description of the U.S. Hispanic population, both in terms of their tremendous population and economic growth, as well as the ...
5.	When and How to Automate Budgeting and Forecasting for Mid Market Companies
Centage Corporation
"!#$%!$&'()*'+!,-.(*!$&/*'! ! 0/1)+1'*2!34! When and How to Automate Budgeting and Forecasting for the Mid-Market Company Warning Signs that Indicate it's Time to Make the Move, and Steps to Minimize the Costs and Timeframe Required to Implement =!>?@A!/B7!B&3+%$35C!D%4E!,FF!.&+$31&F!4 )%+&1%$'!1%!+#15!')4-.$%+!3$.&1%5!+#$! ;3);$3+<!)6!/B7!B&3+%$35!&%'!4&%%)+!G$!; ...

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Is this the next big thing for financial services? Fiserv Inc
Budget Maestro Budgeting and Planning Software Quick Tour Centage Corporation See why Budget Maestro leads the way in productivity and ease-of-use. Tour highlights: •Financial and operations modeling •Driver based Planning •Expense ...

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