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Leveraging Outsourced Payments Product Management
Fiserv Inc
White Paper Leveraging Outsourced Payments Product Management Typically, a formal Payments Product Management function is found in only the largest banking institutions. However, the convergence of payment transaction types and the ongoing migration from paper to electronic processing has escalated the need for institutions of all sizes to increase focus on their payments business. The Changing ...
Senior Mobile Healthcare
3Cinteractive®, LLC.
Seniors, Mobile Communication, and Health Care In January, 3Cinteractive joined President Donna Shalala and her team at the University of Miami for the Global Business Forum. The 2011 Global Business Forum focused on the business of health care and served as a call to action for thought leaders and change agents from public and private sectors of healthcare. The following white paper, Seniors, ...
In Pursuit of a Paperless Mortgage Process
Kofax Ltd
In Pursuit of a Paperless Mortgage Process The financial crash has redistributed the mortgage opportunity.1 Previously controlled by a group of very large brands that held a considerable competitive advantage, the foreclosure crisis has de- stroyed their hold on the business, opening up more opportunities for all banks to capture market share.This is true on both the mortgage servicing2 and the ...

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Innovative Cross-Channel Banking Tod Fiserv Inc
AP Automation Fundamentals Kofax Ltd Kofax’s Invoice and AP Automation solution Learn why thousands of leading organizations worldwide rely on Kofax to cut time, cost and error from invoice ...

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