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Columbia State Bank Optimizes Performance Through Improved Business Intelligence Reporting
Fiserv Inc
Columbia State Bank deployed Business Analytics for Precision® from Fiserv to more effectively manage its high volume of business intelligence data. The result has been enhanced performance across the enterprise.
Meeting Customers where they are with dynamic real-time mobile engagement
Kofax Ltd
The Kofax Mobile Capture Platform is the first of its kind to deliver all of the following: - Real-time, dynamic mobile customer engagement - Patented, advanced image perfection - Patented, advanced data matching - Image-enabling for mobile apps (resulting in automated capture of content) - Automatic, real-time extraction of data to promote customer self-service - A complete platform to solve ...
Senior Mobile Healthcare
3Cinteractive®, LLC.
Seniors, Mobile Communication, and Health Care In January, 3Cinteractive joined President Donna Shalala and her team at the University of Miami for the Global Business Forum. The 2011 Global Business Forum focused on the business of health care and served as a call to action for thought leaders and change agents from public and private sectors of healthcare. The following white paper, Seniors, ...
5.	When and How to Automate Budgeting and Forecasting for Mid Market Companies
Centage Corporation
"!#$%!$&'()*'+!,-.(*!$&/*'! ! 0/1)+1'*2!34! When and How to Automate Budgeting and Forecasting for the Mid-Market Company Warning Signs that Indicate it's Time to Make the Move, and Steps to Minimize the Costs and Timeframe Required to Implement =!>?@A!/B7!B&3+%$35C!D%4E!,FF!.&+$31&F!4 )%+&1%$'!1%!+#15!')4-.$%+!3$.&1%5!+#$! ;3);$3+<!)6!/B7!B&3+%$35!&%'!4&%%)+!G$!; ...

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Is this the next big thing for financial services? Fiserv Inc
Kofax Customer Testimonial – Suncorp Bank Kofax Ltd In their quest to go paperless, Suncorp Bank in Australia deployed Kofax solutions in their Mortgage services area resulting in an automated workflow now ...

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